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Open House  

21 April

10 am to 1 pm 

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Why Iman?

well-rounded program that focuses on both soft and technical skills?

halal food for your child, that are healthy and satisfying as well?

affordable fees and enrichment programs?

strong curriculum that gets your child ready for Primary 1 , be it in a public school or Madrasah?

The Iman Factor

While not many preschools offer Malay mother tongue learning, our centre covers Bijak Bervokal and Bijak Mengeja to expand your child's vocabulary in the Malay language. 

In addition, your child can also enjoy Halal food and subjects like Arqam, Huruf and Arabic vocabulary.

Iman branches offer a variety of language options including Malay, Tamil, Mandarin, Arabic and English.



Iman places immense focus on getting  the students ready for Primary 1, whichever path they choose after preschool, be it public school or Madrasah.


Iman has programs like Kinder-preneurship which introduce children to entrepreneurship, and Kinder-STEM which encourages interest in Science and Technology. 


At Iman, we work hand-in-hand with parents by providing them with proprietary and innovative aids for them to reinforce concepts at home.



7:00am - 7:00pm
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7:00am - 7:00pm
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Blk 277 Bukit Batok East Avenue 3, #02-373, Singapore 650277


Blk 277 Bukit Batok East Avenue 3, #02-373, Singapore 650277

Call Us: +65 6561 5466


Dear Parent,

We understand it can be difficult to find the perfect childcare for your child. Preschool fees are skyrocketing, and although there are many options to choose from,  not all might cater to your child's needs. 

Are you looking for -  

If the above articulates your unmet childcare needs, no need to look further. We, at Iman, are here for you.

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About Iman

Our Open House Includes:

Parenting Talk by an Expert

Fun Child-Friendly Activities

Centre Tour

Exclusive Promotions

Goodie Bags

Meet the Teachers

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The KinderSmart Thinkers' Learning System

"Overall satisfied with the quality of education provided by Iman. Appreciate the calls made by teachers to give updates. Thank you to all staff especially Teacher Sharf and Teacher Lia who have been with my boys since the start of the academic year. Looking forward to partnering with the newer staff of Iman. Thanks to Aunty Rosie as well for taking care of the boys." - Hafiza, Parent of Rayyan & Reyza, K1 & N1, Iman Bukit Batok

"Thank you Teacher Jaya and all the teachers at Iman Bukit Batok. It has been a great year and I hope you will be a part of Aziz''s learning journey for the next 2 years." - Ramiza, Parent of Aziz, N2, Iman Bukit Batok

"I am very pleased with my child's progress and her teacher's patience and dedication in educating and caring for my child. I have seen a more confident and outgoing personality in Sofia. Thank you for 2017, and hope for many more happy moments in 2018." - Siti Hadijah Mohd Said, Parent of Sofia, N2, Iman Bukit Batok

Parent Testimonials


Opportunities are provided for your child to explore and experience visual arts, music and movement as forms of expressions their creative ideas, feelings about themselves and the world they see.


Your child will explore and inquire about things and phenomena in the everyday environment to help him/her develop understanding of the world around, as well as to set a foundation for learning in Science, History and Geography later.


Your child will be provided with opportunities to work in team projects, where peer group interactions will help increase his/her social competence, confidence, emotional maturity and sense of self.


Activities and games are used to help your child develop physical skills, dexterity and fitness, which enables mastery of self-help routines in daily lives for ‘healthy body, healthy mind’.


Through hands-on activities and use of stimuli such as pictures and symbols, your child learns about the relationships between things to be sorted, counted, shared and represented. Exciting songs, rhymes and interesting stories are used to introduce various mathematical concepts.

Exclusive Open House Offers!

Blk 277 Bukit Batok East Avenue 3, #02-373, Singapore 650277


Call Us: +65 6561 5466

Iman invests time and effort to train the teachers, and encourages a culture of empathy and compassion among them. All Iman staff are uniquely equipped to provide for your child. 



At Iman, we believe that education should be accessible and affordable to all. Thus, we provide both ECDA-sanctioned and in-house financial assistance to our parents depending on their requirements. 

What to Expect at the Open House?

A teacher-led tour of the centre

Exclusive offers for same day sign-ups (Discounts & Goodie Bags!)   

"The Virtues Project For Early Character Excellence" conducted by Ms Claire Yeo

Activity stations (for children)

Child-friendly refreshments   

Interaction with our centre staff

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$100 off for first 2 months (total $200)

Goodie Bags worth more than $200!

21 April 

10 am to 1 pm

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"The Virtues Project For Early Character Excellence" workshop conducted by Ms Claire Yeo - Complimentary!Sign Up Now!


Your child’s language and literacy skills will be developed through language games, rhymes and songs, role-play and storytelling. Besides English language, we also offer Mandarin, Malay, Arabic and Tamil languages to groom our children to be multilingual.

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